Licensing Options

Licensing on GstarCAD mainly is divided into two. One is Digital Licensing. The other one is USB Dongle .

Stand-Alone License

1 License key dedicated to 1 computer. You need to return license from the current computer in order to use it on another computer.

Network License

Such licenses are "stored" on the License Server (can be any computer running on the corporate network).
Each user can "download" licenses from the server and run the program on the local station. After the job is done, the license is automatically returned to the server.
Network licensing is mostly used by companies who want to optimize the number of licenses required and use them optimally across many workstations.

Stand-Alone License

Lisans, kullanıcıya programı bir iş istasyonu için kullanma yetkisi verir. Ancak, atanmış olduğu USB dongle’ı değiştirerek istasyonlar arasında taşınabilir. Lisans, dongle’ın bağlı olduğu bilgisayarda etkindir.

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