GstarCAD 2021

The most valuable alternative CAD!

GstarCAD 2021

Gstarcad is the most preferred alternative CAD program compatible with AutoCAD standards. It has been continuously developing for about 30 years, and has made a name for itself around the world with the importance it attaches to performance and stability.

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Perpetual License

When purchasing the GstarCAD program, you will receive a lifetime license.

Dynamic Blocks

Dynamic Blocks in GstarCAD will help you better manage a database of ready items. For example, you can create different types of electric hydraulic symbols or multiple window or door symbols.

Compare Drawings

This way, you can compare the old drawing before the changes with the drawing from a colleague.

Data Extraction

The program will help you to tabulate the objects in the drawing. You will quickly export the requested data to an Excel spreadsheet and deliver it to your colleagues.

Scaling Objects Along An Axis

The Free Scale command allows you to scale all selected objects along any axis. This way you can scale individual objects (eg circle) or objects or even blocks!

High Compability

GstarCAD allows you to maintain your usual CAD experience thanks to its familiar AutoCAD-like interface, commands, easy setup and use. With its high AutoCAD compatibility, it does not require additional training. With GstarCAD, you are ready to draw in a short time without changing your habits!

Customizable UI

GstarCAD offers the possibility to customize the user interface to make the drawing environment specific to certain types of tasks.

New Features

IFC for BIM, 3D design optimization, High quality PDF output improvements, more compatible interface for 4K displays, API and plug-in variety and more ...

Speed Up Your Work With Practical Tools!

GstarCAD helps you prepare your drawings with more than 100 unique and innovative tools such as "Collaboration", "Area Table", "Auto Layer", "Viewport to Layout", "Autoxlstable".

Save Time With High Performance

Benzersiz optimizasyonu ile GstarCAD, "OPEN", "QSAVE", "PLOT", "CLIP", "TRIM", "PASTE", "MOVE", "DYNAMIC SELECTION" gibi komutlarda rakiplerinin önünde yer almaktadır.