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Terms of Use
These terms of service refer to all desktop software available on our website. Free Services will be downloaded to your computer's "downloads folder".

1. Terms of Use for Free Software Trial
All products on our website are licensed. Free versions of licensable software on our website can be downloaded and used by you if you agree to the Terms of Service.

2. Confidentiality and Your Personal Information
You agree to our use of your personal information that you have shared in order to benefit from free services in accordance with the privacy policies.

3. Content of Free Services
Free Services Free services allow you to use the licensed software registered for a certain period of time. You acknowledge that you must purchase the licensed version of the product to continue using the product after the free service period has expired.

4. Ownership Rights You acknowledge
That the intellectual property rights to the free services (whether these rights are registered or not, anywhere in the world), and all legal rights, interests and ownership rights in these rights belong to the manufacturer and / or distributor.

The Terms of Service do not grant you the right to use product names, logo, domain names, service marks, slogans and other distinctive features of the product in your business or elsewhere (unless there is a written agreement / permission).

You agree that you will not remove, block or change any proprietary rights notices (including copyright and trademark notices) attached to or contained in the Services.

Hizmetler’e eklenmiş olan veya Hizmetler’in içinde bulunan mülkiyet hakkı bildirimlerini (telif hakkı ve ticari marka bildirimleri dahil) kaldırmayacağınızı, görünmesini engellemeyeceğinizi veya değiştirmeyeceğinizi kabul edersiniz.

"Unless you have been expressly authorized" by a written agreement, when using the Services, you may use the trademark, service mark, trade name and logo of any company or organization in a manner that could cause potential or deliberate confusion to the owners or authorized users of such brands, names or logos. You agree that you will not use it.

5. Final Provisions
You agree that the manufacturer / distributor will always make changes to the Terms of Service unilaterally. You acknowledge that acts against the Terms of Service have legal obligations due to such behavior.