GstarCAD 2022
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GstarCAD continues to surprise you with its unlimited performance and interface that supports your usage habits (99% AutoCAD-like interface). Being the best general design program in its category, GstarCAD is far ahead of its competitors with its simplified interface and high performance. In addition to its unrivaled AUTOCAD compatibility, you can bring your designs to life with stable working performance, DWG, DXF compatibility and Standard (2D) module and Professional (3D) module.

Support For Popular File Formats

GstarCAD is fully compatible with DWG - DXF formats. You can make your drawings by opening a DWG - DXF file saved in AutoCAD.

Ease of Use

Since it has AutoCAD-like interface and commands, you can perform your operations easily and quickly, without the need for training.


GstarCAD owns independent intellectual property rights and Gstarsoft Co. Ltd is based on patented technologies.

Development Support

GstarCAD supports .NET / LSP / VLX / DLL / FAS etc. programming extensions. So you can make your own program works with GstarCAD

Express Tools

With Express Tools, you can take advantage of many commands developed by GstarSoft company for you.

LifeTime License

Unlike other CAD programs, GstarCAD is permanently licensed. There is no obligation to pay wages every year. It is budget friendly.

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Perpetual License

When purchasing the GstarCAD program, you will receive a lifetime license.

Dynamic Blocks

Dynamic Blocks in GstarCAD will help you better manage a database of ready items. For example, you can create different types of electric hydraulic symbols or multiple window or door symbols.

IFC Dosya Formatı Desteği

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) dosyalarını import edebilirsiniz

Data Extraction

The program will help you to tabulate the objects in the drawing. You will quickly export the requested data to an Excel spreadsheet and deliver it to your colleagues.

Scaling Objects Along An Axis

The Free Scale command allows you to scale all selected objects along any axis. This way you can scale individual objects (eg circle) or objects or even blocks!

GstarCAD 2022

Applications Compatible With GstarCAD

Program helps in designing of all electrical installations in both construction and industry. Application has got a convenient schematic editor, a possibility to design on architectural plans, as well as, the possibility to create 3D models for some installation types.


Artisan is known worldwide as the perfect rendering solution for CAD designers who want to create high-quality and photo-realistic images fast and easily. The day has come for all those designers who want the best rendering effect as well as the innovative features and outstanding performance from GstarCAD.



Program helps in creating construction drawings, cross-sections and elevations and allows to draw walls, insert doors and windows, create architectural dimensioning and descriptions, as well as, use objects from the library of furniture and other equipment. A unique program feature is the possibility to create evacuation and safety plans.

CadProfi Architectural

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